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Are You Living On Purpose?

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Are you living on purpose? 

Do you have a clear purpose for living? 

These larger and powerful questions are what greet us at worship this Sunday - and each morning we wake up. 

If you search, you'll discover there are almost 200,000 books on "purpose." I've read more than a few of them and many are, frankly, pretty good and pretty helpful. 

However, the most helpful of secular "purpose books" I've read are bound by time and space. Whereas the Bible's Word on purpose transcends both and provides eternal and lasting purpose. 

This Sunday we'll hear St Paul's passion focus to finish the course on which Jesus placed him. (Acts 20.17-24) We'll listen to Jesus place sorrow and trial in the context of his purpose for his being. (John 12.27-36). 

We'll hear about the connection between an amputee's prosthesis and our purpose. 

I doubt we'll answer the larger question, (What's your purpose?) in one quick hour, but I do pray the Holy Spirit will insert the question deep in your soul and that it will be a thorn in your side till you, through the Spirit answer it with clarity. 

I want you to live - on purpose! 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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