What time is worship and Communion?
Worship is every Sunday at 10am!  Communion is celebrated every 2nd, 4th and if there is one 5th Sunday of each month.

You are also invited to the 9am Bible Study "Experiencing God

What's worship like at Peace?
In a word, "transformational." Worship includes ancient truth presented in a contemporary and relevant manner. Biblically sound, focused on God's work of forgiveness and spiritual growth, you'll experience treasures old and new; traditional hymns and songs of praise - whatever best conveys God's desire and design to love us and bring us his Power and Peace!

What is the current worship theme/focus? 
"Why Jesus!?" is the current worship focus through the summer months. Launched from Jesus' claim he is "the way, the truth and the life" (John 14.6) we're examining and proclaiming the "how" and "why" we follow Jesus. 

What if I'm not sure about why to follow Jesus? 
If you've questions about Jesus or the Christian faith, we pray you'll find our worship focus inspirational - or at least informative. There is no minimum belief requirement! 

What if I'm not sure how to follow Jesus? 
All of us wonder, at one time or another, how to live as a disciple as taught by Jesus - which is why we gather one/week for inspiration from God's word, encouragement from each other and conversation about the power of the gospel and the urgency to live out our Biblical calling in everyday ways. We're all figuring it out together! 

Am I required to register my attendance? 
Absolutely not! We understand the desire for some level of anonymity when checking out a church. So, if you'd like to simply sit back and evaluate things, sign nothing! If, however, you'd like some conversation about growing as a disciple of Jesus at Peace, please fill out the red attendance registration book using your complete name and address. Pass the registration book down your row, then after everyone has filled out the sheet, please return it to your center aisle.

What if I have noisy little ones during worship?

We encourage children to join in the worship experience. There is an unstaffed nursery available for infants and toddlers (children 4 years old or younger) if your child cannot be consoled or is too wiggly to allow those around you to worship. There are speakers in the Nursery and in the Fellowship Hall so you can listen to the Service. In the hallway there are ACTIVITY BAGS that can be borrowed for younger children. Children aged 3 to 7 are invited to attend Children’s Church during the Sermon.

How do people dress?

Well, this IS Florida and it can get hot here, so dress is casual. In other words, ties and suit coats not required.

Is there an opportunity for informal fellowship?

Please join us in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments and socializing between services.

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