In 2004 the Southwest Outreach Council, made up of 5 Lutheran churches (Marco, Faith, Grace, Hope and Messiah), petitioned the FL-GA District to start a church to serve Northeast Naples, Collier County. Pastor Liebich took the call as the "Mission development planter"

Pastor Liebich, his wife, and 3 others formed the initial board - meeting around Pastor's kitchen table. They rented part of a log cabin located behind CCLS for a small office where they held Bible study.
Peace 2006 Congregation

In 2005 they rented space at Oakridge Middle school for $15 per Sunday, holding their first Divine Service on February 6th (Super Bowl Sunday).
Charter Sunday (see photo) was held August 27, 2006 at Oak Ridge with 98 members, 30 of which were still at Peace 10 years later. Every Sunday for five years, volunteers shuttled a van back and forth unloading and loading all the equipment and materials needed for a Service.

Liebich InstalOn October 7, 2007 Pastor Liebich announced to the Congregation that he has accepted the call to be the Pastor or Peace Congregation. He was installed on November 4, 2007 during the worship service.

In April 2008 Peace purchased the site of the Naples Aviary and Zoo consisting of 9.35 acres on Immokalee Road.  In November 2008, Women of Peace, our church's branch of the LWML used the property for the first time, holding their first meeting.

During the next 2.5 years of pre-construction paperwork we had occasional cleanup and mowing parties; conducted yard sales (to raise funds for our youth to attend the 2010 triannual LCMS National Youth Gathering in New Orleans); and continued to hold Services in the school.

Baked Goods SaleWe broke ground and began construction in September 2010 and, in the Spring of 2011,
Cynthia Tillman answered our call to serve as Director of the soon to be Peace Early Learning Center.

Also in 2011 we held our first Divine Service on site  (June 26) and opened our Early Learning Center in September.  A
Service of Dedication was held for the Peace Lutheran Church and Early Learning Center on November 13.

In 2013 another group of teens attended the LCMS National Youth Garthering (in San Antonio), mostly funded by the proceeds from the 2011-2013 yard sales.
In 2013 Cynthia Tillman accepted another call and Lori Lingsch assumed the role of Director of the Peace Early Learning Center.

Pastor Liebich retired on October 1, 2015, and in January 2016 Pastor Kenneth Fuehler was installed as
interim pastor for Peace. Pastor Fuehler’s call ended on December 31, 2016.

youth at 2016 NYGDuring 2016 a third group of our teens were able to attend the National Youth Gathering (back to New Orleans) again funded by the proceeds of the previous youth yard sales.  Click on the photo to see their story on Facebook.

Karl HistoryOn February 19, 2017, Rev. Dr. Karl Galik, a member of our congregation, announced that he had accepted the call to be our pastor.  He was installed on April 2.

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