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If you're longing to experience the substance of God's Power and Peace, you've come to the right place. If you're curious to learn about the transforming nature of God's Power and Peace, you've come to the right place. If you would like to invest in God's mission of Power and Peace, we are the congregation for you! 

This material is designed to lead you from our welcome guest to fully experiencing God's Power and Peace! It begins with showing you the vision of God before us, and the mission he's calling us to work together. It also contains house-keeping items, like contact information, membership and the like. 

Let's experience God together and work together to fulfill his purpose in the world. 

The Bible proclaims baptism as a "means of grace," and way in which the gifts won by Jesus are provided and distributed to those who believe. This course is about that Biblical understanding of what we have defined as a "sacrament." 

Questions to be addressed. 
  1. Does baptism save? 
  2. Why do we baptize infants? 
  3. What is the difference with baptizing adults? 
  4. Can you get to heaven without being baptized? 

The Bible often integrates common, everyday elements with the sacred. From the Passover Meal to the Lord's Supper on the Thursday before Good Friday, the "everyday" is "set aside" (consecrated) for to commuicate God's grace! 

This course will review