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Are You Separate Yet Connected!?

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Are You Separate Yet Connected!?

This is one of those fundamental theological and philosophical “both/and” tensions present on the planet!

If you stop and look, you’ll notice that life is everywhere…separate but connected! From the life of a healthy cell working within your body to the Body of Christ, God’s church, we are separate yet connected.

In this the second-to-last worship theme on Experiencing God, we’ll be inspired and equipped to change the world by changing ourselves. We’ll discover how God’s creation creatively reflects the nature of God Himself! We’ll be empowered and encouraged to make significant steps in mission because of the design of the Creator and the work of the Redeemer!

“So, we though many, are one Body in Christ!” – St Paul (Romans 12.5)

This and many other examples from God’s Word will take us to those places God is going, God is working and to which God is calling!

See you soon, Good Lord willing,

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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.