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Are You Interested in God's Perspective!?

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Are You Interested in God’s Perspective!?

Your point of view can change everything.

How many times, in raising children did I say, “So that’s why Dad did that!” Only when I became a parent did it become apparent how the intricacies and complexities of parenting were understood only from the change in perspective.  

The Bible is designed to provide God’s perspective – in contrast to our own. Only when I read the Scriptures does it become apparent that, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to death.” (Proverbs 14.12)

Actually, the Divine Perspective is so radically life-altering I’ve discovered we’re sometimes not really interested in seeing life from God’s Point of View. It’s too upsetting. Too challenging. Too…I don’t know… different than my own. And, once I know God’s Perspective, I can’t unknow it (so to speak). Seeing things from God’s Eyes can be – unsettling to say the least.

It also promises to be life-altering and completely freeing! Living every day, each day, one day at a time from God’s Perspective is an amazing way to celebrate life (more than just live it). From Jesus’ Perspective, He’s arrived on earth to provide for over-abundant life; life-squared; life-to-the max and beyond. (John 10.10)

We’re in Unit 6 of Experiencing God and ready to listen to God who speaks to us in Worship’s Word and Sacrament. We’re allowing the Spirit to show us where and how God is working – and then accept his invitation to see Life from his Perspective and live it over-abundantly!


Pastor Karl

And speaking of no brunch at 11AM – we’re having a Congregational Meeting instead, to approve the annual budget; and address any congregational questions. Catch a quick cup of coffee and a snack and then sign-in to our Congregational Meeting to deal with the King’s Business.

And speaking of Lent and Ash Wednesday – worship will inspire under the banner, “Do I Really Believe What I Believe is Real?” We’ll hear the stories of Biblical characters and modern-day disciples who have each had to go through their own “crisis of belief” and trust God for a blessed outcome!  Ash Wednesday will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and a more liturgical order of worship than we’ve typically practiced, including the imposition of ashes for those who choose.

You’ll also notice the piano and choir have been moved upfront. This has been done for acoustic reasons and increased seating availability. It looks like the arrangement of choir cantata Sundays.

Lastly, announcements at the end of worship have begun to become unwieldy as our congregational life begins to accelerate, so we’re providing an announcement summary handout as you exit the sanctuary and the same summary on our web site and emailed to your “door.”  
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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