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You Too Tell Luke 2 About the Powerful Angel Message

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You Too Tell Luke 2

Our Advent Season has hit its stride. We’re examining the intersection of our story and God’s – in the telling and retelling of the Luke 2 Christmas story!

There’s no question about the power of story in our lives. It’s our stories that connect us and touch us at the deepest of human places. How much more incredible is it when our life stories are woven into God’s. It provides the substance of eternal life and the Light of Hope that permeates and transforms our stories to have lasting purpose and significance!

And so, we’ve taken a deep dive into Luke 2.1-21 by watching others tell it through their eyes and lives, and unpacking the Bible’s riches found in the account of Jesus’ birth into humanity. In that unpacking we’ve discovered how God grounds the story in real time real history. We’ve identified with Mary how following God put you at odds with culture and occasionally can put life at risk. Discipleship is counter-cultural living.

This Sunday we’ll hear the stories of two men, David Opland and Chuck Hall and listen as we hear how the Luke 2 story sounds through the filter of their souls. We’ll inspect the Luke 2 text about God’s angels as his primary messengers at historic turning points. We’ll note how God regularly gives a message of power to the powerless (like shepherds) in order to empower them.

And…all of this is in encouragement and preparation for you to tell the Luke 2 story through your eyes. Imagine sitting around the Christmas tree with wrapped presents…and before the gift giving begins, you ask everyone to listen to the first ever Gift Giving…

You could begin, “In those days, Caesar Augustus….


Pastor Karl 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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