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Advent Christmas Invitations

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Fellow Saints in Light, 

As the last thing I'm doing on the last day of November, here's some invitations and preparations for the month of Decemeber! 

Advent Christmas Decorations at 12:30p tomorrow, December 1
A all hands on deck for decorating the sanctuary is hereby issued! You and I know this stuff doesn't just happen, it happens when we step up and help out! Marilouise and I look forward to seeing you there then to make ready for Advent1  and following on Sundays. 

Advent1 is Sunday December 3rd
The three Sundays and the three Wednesdays of the Advent Season will be led by the theme, "You Too Tell Luke 2." It is designed to equip us to tell the Christmas story, based on Luke 2. Imagine yourself around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning (or Christmas Eve if that's your tradition) and prior to the (the frenzy of) opening of presents, you set the context of gift giving in the Luke 2 story. Imagine telling it with clarity and passion - as your own story! We'll be prepping all Advent for that moment learning of the history, context and theology of this incredible story! 

Advent Midweek1 Wednesday December 6th
The prepartions will be continuous from Sunday to Wednesday to Sunday. Familiar Advent hymns and an in-depth look at the story of Luke 2 will continue. 

Advent2 Sunday 10
The Lord's Supper will add to our spiritual preparations and provide the Spirit's insights for our Luke 2 examination and preparations. 

Advent Midweek2 Wednesday 13
The next portion of Luke 2 as well as familiar Advent lessons will inspire depth and passion to our Christmas preparations. 

Advent3 Sunday 17th One Worship Service at 10a for the annual choir cantata! 
Although there will be a baptism and a short message to continue our Luke 2 preparations, our choir will lead us with their annual cantata, this year entitled, "All Is Well." And...there's a Christmas cookie bake to follow! It's a Sunday with treats for body, mind and soul, for sure! :-) 

Christmas Eve on Sunday Evening 5p and 7p: "Do You Recognize God (When He Arrives)?" 
It's one of those awkward years when Chrismtas eve is on a Sunday. So...we'll skip Advent4 and morning worship, celebrating Chrismtas eve in the evening. The Christmas worship theme will, of course, focus on the miraculous nature of the incarnation - Jesus becoming human (while remaining Divine). 

Christmas Day (Family Worship at Home) 
Having celebrated the Incarnation the night before, you're encouraged to celebrate with family - and tell the Luke 2 story as a part of your morning. I'll prepare a (sample) devotional to be utilized prior to the opening of presents to give Biblical context to the gift exchanges! 

Christmas2 Sunday December 31st (New Year's Eve) 
Our morning schedule will return and the Christmas theme we'll turn to God's Word about the power of the Jesus incarnation with part 2 of "Do You Recognize God (When He Arrives)?" We'll have the Lord's Supper, to give thanks to God for the year gone and to commit to his will for the upcoming year. 

Soli Deo Gloria 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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