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"For the One" The Final Story

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“For the One” The Final Story

[audible grumbling]

You’ve heard it from disgruntled voices. Jesus heard the same people muttering about the people he was hanging around… and so, he tells three stories designed to enlighten, to inspire, to provide insight into the heart of His Father. They are all in Luke 15!

The first story about leaving the 99 sheep, “For the One” illustrated the passion and the places the Father goes to find his children. It reminded me of the longest two minutes of my life when we lost my (then) five year old son, Dave, at the Cinco de Mayo festival near downtown Fort Worth. Passionate searching only begins to describe what I was feeling. So, our Heavenly Father searches for us!

The second story about a women’s lost coin, about a day’s wages worth, was utilized by Jesus to tell of the methodical, careful and thorough search for the lost coin (and really, for us)! When the search paid off, friends and neighbors made a party! Celebrations for the found are part of the joy of heaven!

The third story in response to the audible grumbling is the longest story, and maybe the most endearing. Although it’s usually entitled, “The Prodigal Son” may be better entitled, “The Father’s Extravagant Love.” This Sunday’s focus will inspire us by helping us experience, even in a small way, our Father’s Open Arms no matter where we’ve been, how we’ve wasted our treasures… or what audible grumbling we’ve uttered…

Come receive the embrace God the Father has waiting for you…

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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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