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Rebuilding & Renewing After the Storm

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Rebuilding & Renewing After the Storm

Whether it was Irma or a storm of life that has battered you, when storms of life pass they can provide an opportunity to rebuild and renew.

More often than we likely care to admit, we tend to live with something just because it seems  too much work to change it. It could be stuff around the house that blew away in Irma, or stuff in and around your marriage the two you knew needed attention for years. Either way, the wakes left behind storms can be a great place for rebuilding and renewal.

This is the message for Sunday – through the eyes of three different (seldom heard from) men of the Bible from the seldom referenced twin books of Ezra and Nehemiah. These two historical books detail the re-establishing of Israel in Babylonian post-exile style.

Zerubbabel led the first wave back from exile to re-establish the Lord’s Altar and Temple so those returning would have a foundation on which to build their lives. We’ll discover God’s grace in overcoming initial obstacles.

A priest named Ezra led the second wave to re-establish Godly spiritual practices and boundaries – to rebuild and renew the hearts of those returning. We’ll discover God’s grace finding God as our primary focus in life…seeking him first!

Nehemiah led the third wave. He was a privileged, trusted Persian king, royal servant who was sent to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to provide assurance and protection for those returning.

Each man has his own rebuilding and renewing story to tell. Each story will have meaning to and Gospel insight for us – those rebuilding and renewing after Irma…or after one of the other many storms that besiege us in life.

Come to worship to be rebuilt and renewed – again! 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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