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Why Jesus!? Because Our Works Do Follow Us

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Why Jesus!? 

This Labor Day weekend worship concludes our summer-long worship series asking the question, "Why Jesus!?" 

By way of summary, we answered the question: Because....

1.     He opens up a clear path to the Father

  1. He's part of a powerful and mysterious Trinitarian relationship
  2. Forgiveness (plain, powerful and simple)
  3. He's Trustworthy
  4. He's the Truth that sets you free
  5. He Absolute and Timeless
  6. Challenges us to embrace hard truth
  7. Invites us to accept sweet rest
  8. He promises his Presence through history's toughest times
  9. He provides eternal purpose
  10. He encourages deep confidence
  11. He redeems suffering
  12. He snatches life from the grip of death
  13. He rewards our faith-driven good works
This Labor Day weekend we'll examine the blessing of our labors - both in the world and in the Kingdom of God. 

We'll (re)learn that although heroic acts count as good works, our Lord really calls us to a lifestyle of good works that flow from faith! It's more about the way we live rather than any given big moment. And, lo and behold, our lifestyle of good works serve to glorify the God who prepared them for us beforehand! 

I pray you'll leave the sanctuary more confident and equipped for the labor of your hands to matter all the way to eternity! 

In fact, according to the Bible, (Rev. 14.13) they’ll follow you there! 

See you soon, Good Lord willing,
Pastor Karl 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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