We are a welcoming community of believers in Jesus!

Our purpose and passion comes from the realization, Jesus has made us his! We are his and to him we belong. Whose we are (Jesus') defines who we are! 

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus - apart from anything we have done or not done. This is God's Gift to us so that he gets the credit and the glory and not us. We are God's workmanship - created, redeemed and strengthened to work with God in the work he is doing in the world. We believe God is engaging us to bring his Power and Peace to Naples and well beyond...

We believe the local congregation is the hope of the world. When you are at Peace, you're first receiving his Power and Peace, then inviting others to experience his Power and Peace, and finally, investing in God's Power and Peace. 

God's Power is his unique, unconditional and unyielding Love. The story of his great Love is the Good News, the Gospel that God created everything from nothing; sent Jesus to redeem us when we turned our own way and supplies his grace through his Word, baptism and the Lord's Supper. These aren't obligations to be fulfilled, but blessings of God to be received.

God's Peace, his "Shalom" is the profound sense of well-being that results from his powerful Love! This too is God's Gift and encompasses body, mind and soul! 

We are those people given a sacred trust to care for God's children and nurture them in a secure place to also receive God's Power and Peace.
 Our Early Learning Center is an award winning daily preschool for infants through four year old students. We are a certified VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) provider for the State of Florida. 

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Who are Lutherans?

We are believers in Jesus! We believe God so loved the world he gave his one and only son to die for us that whoever believes in him will have eternal life! Lutherans are found around the world - they are African-American, Anglo, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, etc., because a Lutheran is defined by belief in Jesus and the Bible as God's Word - not by heritage or history. 

What do Lutherans Believe?

Lutherans are Christians, they build their lives on Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus Christ is the perfect, son of God. They believe that Jesus died for them and for every person in the world. And Lutherans believe that Jesus rose from the dead and lives for them—and for all people who believe in him as their Savior.

Lutherans live with a sure hope of eternal life because of Jesus Christ. They know they’re not perfect, that they stumble and fall in their daily walk with God. But they also know that their forgiveness has been won and paid for by Jesus and, when they repent and seek forgiveness, God will forgive them because of Jesus. And, they want to tell others about that hope!

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Where did Lutherans come from?

Lutherans take their name from Martin Luther. He was a German priest who sought to return his church, the Roman Catholic Church, to its apostolic roots. On October 31, 1517, he posted a challenge on the church door at Wittenberg University to debate 95 theological issues hoping that his church would reform its practice and preaching to be in line with the Bible.  What started as an academic debate escalated to a religious war with the result that instead of a reformation there was a separation of the Roman Catholic Church and Luther’s expulsion from the priesthood. "Lutheran" was a name applied to Luther and his followers as an insult but adopted as a badge of honor by them instead. Prior to that, "Lutherans" were the "protestors" - where non-Roman Catholic church were called, "Protestants." 

Through his study of the Bible, Luther helped the Christian Church rediscover the truth that God is loving and that he offers forgiveness and eternal life as a free gift through faith in Jesus Christ.

Lutherans celebrate the Reformation on October 31 each year and still hold to the Bible as the sole source of Christian faith and practice.  

What are some Lutheran Highlights?

Lutherans view Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as means by which God offers people his grace. They are called sacraments. Through them and the preaching of the gospel God gives forgiveness and eternal life.

Congregations, are the central community for faith and practice. 

Christian education is important. Lutherans provide Sunday schools, Bible classes, home-study groups, preschools, elementary and high schools, and colleges.

Lutherans share their faith with individuals. Collectively, they sponsor mission programs worldwide.

Lutherans care about people in need—providing hospitals, help for children and families, and worldwide relief for the hungry, homeless, and helpless.

The worship style is designed to be relevant to today's culture while always placing Biblical teaching above any given form of worship. 

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