Relationships aren't something, they're everything at Peace church! 

We believe God is calling us to experience his power through relationship with Him, and one another.

Our passionate pursuit is to provide the life-changing power of the Gospel through inspiring and relevant proclamation of God's Word. Peace church is determined to make "boring" and "church" antonyms with the substance of the Bible at the center of it all. "For God gave us a spirit, not of fear, but of power, love and self-discipline" - St Paul (2Timothy 1.7)

When relationships resonate with God's Power, God's Peace, his "Shalom" results. The "Shalom" of Psalm 29, "May the Lord bless his people with peace" has connotations of "prosperity," "completeness," "health," and "satisfaction." It is this pervasive sense of well-being that we strive to provide opportunity for so that every relationship at Peace experiences this profound sense of wellness.

Our vision - that which we're pursuing with passion and vigor, isn't about numbers or structures - it's about relationships. First, God's desire for relationship with us; secondly our calling to engage his Power and Peace for every relationship here.

Don't settle or stay stuck in relationships that are any less. Join us in pursuing our vision of relationships inspired by God's Power and Peace.

You will be transformed...   

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