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Monday, 12 February 2018 15:31

Do You Really Believe What You Believe is Real?

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Do You Really Believe That What You Believe is Real?
Navigating Your Crisis of Faith in Lent

The entitled question is designed to invite (invoke?) a crisis of belief – which is something each and every disciple of Jesus is called to face. Can your faith withstand a reality check? Can it stand up to temptation? Unconventional obedience? Terrible, horrible odds? Violating the laws of physics? Total trust? Persistence in the face of a silent God? Our Lent journey is about finding out…  

Ash Wednesday, Feb 14th: Jesus’ Faces Off with the Devil when hungry and tired (Matthew 4.1-11) Come be inspired by Jesus’ refute of devilish temptation. Come be inspired and equipped to do the same when down and out!  

February 21st, The Sonic Fall of Jericho (Joshua 6.1-5) follows the crisis of belief Joshua encountered when told to conquer a city in a most unconventional manner. Come be inspired and equipped to trust God when he promises victory in the most unconventional ways.

February 28th, Gideon’s 90% Victorious Reduction in Force (Judges 6.33; 7.1-8) If you’ve ever felt insignificant, you’ll want to meet Gideon; part of the least of the tribes of Israel and youngest in his family. Still God selects him for overcoming outrageous odds with skill and military deception. Come be inspired and equipped to overcome the worst odds imaginable!

March 7th Jesus Walks On Water (& Peter Does a Little Bit) (Matthew 14.22) Come be inspired and equipped to get out of your boat and on top of Jesus’ calling. You can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat!  

March 14th Rich Young Ruler’s Just One Thing Left to Do (Mark 10.17) Here’s a real crisis of faith if there ever was one. Sell all that you have and follow Jesus! What “one thing” keeps getting in your way!? Come be inspired and equipped to set it down, place it at the feet of Jesus and let him decide what to do with it. Yikes!

March 21st Canaanite Woman Whose World Went to the Dogs (Matthew 15.21) If your crisis of faith has to do with a felt lack of response from God, you’ll want to be here for this last Wednesday evening Lent midweek worship.

It is my prayer we all answer a resounding, “Yes” at the end of Lent and Holy Week! Yes, I do really believe that what I believe is real!

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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.