Thursday, 21 December 2017 07:25

Do You Recognize God (When He Arrives)?

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Whoda thunk it!? 

Most of us would either not be looking for God to show up or looking for an astonomical sign of epic proportions! 

But, oh my, God enters the world he created helpless, surrendered as an infant and vulnerable... 

On Christmas Eve, at both 5 and 7PM, we'll journey through the familiar lessos and carols. We'll participate in the delightful and traditional lighting of the candles and singing of Silent Night, but we'll hear about God's unexpected entry into time and space. 

The sermon message will begin with the reality that some of our family and friends don't recognize there IS a God. We'll invite these family and friends to see God as the Grand Initiator! We'll continue with the understanding that many believing Christians are hoping to recognize God in the dark... in the absence of loved ones or in the confusion of addictions or the frustrations of limited finances. To these, we'll introduce our God who enters our darkness to shed the Light of Hope. All of us will be stirred by this extravagant love that brings God to earth as a child!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there to experience the rhythms of Christmas Eve worship and the surprising Love of God looking for you... 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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