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Oh Lord, No!

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Oh Lord, no.

This was my first prayer this morning after opening the paper – more of an utterance than a formal prayer. This, for the people in Las Vegas who died at the concert; for those whose lives will be forever altered; for all of us who seem impotent against such undiluted evil.

Oh Lord, no.

So, I turned to the Psalms because they often illustrate great depths of emotion; and I looked through the Psalms of Lament until I reached 55. And, although it may not fit exactly into Las Vegas, it comes close.

It’s a clear cry out to God.

It’s a plea pouring out from deep in the soul.

There is an urgent plea for God to destroy the evil.

There’s a deep breath of trusting God in the end, through it all.

Oh Lord, yes.

Here our personal Psalms of Lament

Give us your deep breath when ours is exhausted, depleted or disgusted.

Oh Lord, yes, give us you.

Read Psalm 55, then pray it.


Pastor Karl 
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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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