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Introducing "For the One" Worship Series on the Parables of Jesus in Luke 15

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“For the One:” A Three Week Worship Series on the Parables of Jesus in Luke 15

Audible grumbling.”

This is what Jesus heard as the “religious” people of his day objected to the company he was keeping, the priorities he was living; the time he was spending. The text implies, “What about us!?” may have been inherent in their grousing (dare I call it whining?).

We have a mission at Peace. It is “To Receive, Invite and Invest in God’s Power and Peace.” These next three weeks are designed to illustrate God’s passionate calling to be a loving and inviting people – to be open to keeping new company, living Jesus’ priorities and spending time on the wandered, missing and short-sighted.

The passion within our mission is inspired by God’s passion for the wandered, missing and short-sighted! Paradoxically, we receive delightful blessing in our giving and living “for the one,” for the other. It’s a signal we’re living the paradoxical life a disciple of Jesus when we receive in our giving.

We’ll continue to shape ministry and Peace herself to keep the company He was keeping; to have the priorities Jesus was living and spend the time he was spending. But mostly, we’ll ask the Lord to continue to bless us with his Passion for the wandered, missing and short-sighted – and paradoxically receive great blessing for it!

As a reminder, worship is still at 10a for the next three weeks. Irma set us back in more than a few ways and one of them was for preparation for our Fall schedule! 10a for October 1, 8 and 15th!

Come be a part of audible praise to our loving God passionately searching for his children… 

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Pastor Karl Galik

Pastor Karl Galik is the Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Naples Florida.

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