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In a word, "transformation" is what we hope you experience when you're at Peace. This happens as we, together, pursue our vision and work our mission! 

At Peace, our vision is, "Every Relationship Experiences God's Power and Peace!" It's our hope this is what you'll experience when you're at Peace.

At Peace, relationships aren't something - they're everything! It all begins in God's creative Word that first established relationship with us! The story continues in Jesus' redemption - His restoring crucifixion and resurrection. It lives on today through life-giving breath of the Holy Spirit! When you're at Peace, relationship begins with God.

We look forward to you experiencing God's Power and Peace. Beyond awareness and knowledge, you'll experience God through relevant and Biblical worship that engages the mind and soul. When you're at Peace, you'll experience God (not just learn about him). 

God's Power is Love - more than a consuming love, greater than friendship, "God-Love" is grace upon grace and immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. It is both within you while surrounding and enveloping you. "God-Love" is sacrificial and always in pursuit of us. When you're at Peace, "God-Love" is the Power that propels. 

God's Peace is a fulfilling sense of well-being. More than the absence of conflict or dischord, "God-Peace" permeates body-mind-soul to provide fulfillment, contentment and confidence. When you're at Peace, the confidence of "God-Peace" is what goes with you on your way back to the world.

This is the vision with which God is calling us in this new era Peace is engaging. We're a work in progress -  but then again - so are you! Aren't we all!? 

Come and participate to be personally transformed as "Every Relationship Experiences God's Power and Peace" leads us to wherever God is going!

You are welcome here!    

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26 Oct 2017
05:30PM - 06:30PM


29 Oct 2017
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05 Nov 2017
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12 Nov 2017
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